Born June 28, 1978, Aurora, Missouri Wrinkle received his BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute (2004) and an MFA in Studio Art from CalArts (2008). At KCAI he studied traditional push-pull abstraction, whereas CalArts' heavy emphasis of conceptualism led to various spoken word, guitar, object-orientated and ephemeral performances. For his final project he restored CalArts’ former dean Douglas Huebler’s 1977 Volvo with his father, an auto refinisher. Upon graduating he founded the gallery Dan Graham as a nod to Michael Asher's influence on him in regards to content and context specificity but chose Asher's conceptual peer for the marquee, forming a new mentor-friendship between Wrinkle and Graham. In the last few years his focus has returned to an intuitive and somewhat surreal approach to drawing and painting. He has collaborated with Michael Decker as Wrinkle/Decker, Raymond Pettibon and acted in William Leavitt's recent films. Wrinkle often explicitly cites older generations of artists over peer influence. His work was published in the New Museum’s ‘Younger than Jesus Artist Directory’ by Phaidon Press in 2009 and his works and projects have been featured and reviewed in ‘Artforum,’ ‘ArtJournal,’ ‘Artnet,’ ‘ArtScene,’ ‘Interview Magazine,’ ‘LA WEEKLY,’ ‘Modern Painters,’ ‘Notes on Looking’ and ‘The New York Times.’ His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Japan and Europe. Wrinkle has  lived and worked in Chinatown, Los Angeles for nearly a decade where he has helped restore landmark properties with the community. He has an annex studio on his parent's farm in southwest Missouri positioned in a retired pig barn connected to his father's auto body shop. Most recently his interests are in painting and a reengagement with performance and spoken word in relationship to the production of an album of songs.